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LITUS Shipping Maldives
LITUS Shipping

LITUS Maldives, established in 2012, is a leading logistics provider offering comprehensive freight services in the Maldives. With a strong focus on air cargo, sea freight, and inter-atoll transshipments, LITUS Maldives ensures reliable and efficient transportation solutions. As a trusted name in the industry, they also specialize in custom brokerage, resort supplies, and handling OOG project cargo. In 2017, LITUS Shipping emerged as a subsidiary under LITUS Maldives, further strengthening its expertise and capabilities in freight logistics. Together, they deliver seamless shipping solutions, exceptional customer service, and reliable transportation of goods in and around the Maldives.

As the leading logistics provider in the Maldives, we specialize in

We Take Care About Transportation For Your Business.

Litus Maldives has experience in handling the formalities and documentation required for your imports and exports. We work with all international station to guarantee that your load will safely reach without any delays.

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Information Management
  • Risk Management
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LITUS Shipping Maldives
LITUS Shipping Maldives
LITUS Shipping Maldives
LITUS Shipping Maldives
Mohamed Zahid

LITUS Maldives: Setting the benchmark in logistics. Experience our excellence with seamless operations, secure handling, and efficient transport solutions that exceed expectations.

Mohamed Zahid

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